Future Sounds 

X-Ray Dog has cut new samplers.

Maybe this will hide how many film and DVD releases used music from their orchestral choir demo this year.

I only bring it up because I just (yet again) saw two flicks use music from said sampler via back-to-back TV spots.

I much prefer the old orchestral choir demo* to the new “Best in Show” sampler. The choir demo runs almost seven minutes long, has an arc and the music is better: More the best of their best than, “here’s the new stuff that's, you know, new.” I listen to said better choir demo on my iPod and dream of adventures wild whilst driving through the ruined streets of Los Angeles.

It gets me pumped.

Now, in place of the constant repetition of XRD trailer music to look forward to, we have the constant repetition of less-good XRD trailer music to look forward to.

*Under "all music" click the first, "Canis Rex" demo. Tell me that one's not better than the new. I dare you.

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