Citizen Who? 

As I was researching production companies and who owns them and where the money actually comes from (I like to know where the money comes from), I came upon this article, which is relevant to our discussions:

”Consider the following scenario: It's Saturday, and you feel like going to the movies. You see the latest installment of The Chronicles of Narnia advertised in your local Examiner newspaper, part of a chain whose name has been trademarked in more than seventy cities. You decide to go to your local theater — a Regal, Edwards, or United Artists. You sit through twenty minutes of advertising, followed by the film itself, which has been delivered from studio to theater by a fiber-optic line.

The underlying theme? Every stage of your moviegoing experience — from production to promotion to distribution to exhibition — was controlled by one man: sixty-six-year-old religious conservative Philip Anschutz.

And then, as we surf on, there is this: In the present for some, the pasts of many and the futures of the comfortably-blind comes, has come and will come Murders With a Message.

“Those who ordered Politkovskaya's execution calculated well. The U.S. and Europe are shocked and indignant, but the furor will quiet down in a month or so, as it always does. And then Politkovskaya won't be around to testify against the Kremlin in the Western human rights forums. The killing was a clear message to Russian journalists and human rights activists: Those of you who choose to ignore it will be next.”

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