Holiday Blush 

It's snowing.

And I went to IHOP for breakfast with C.Sto,The Viking and Stover-friend Navy. The latter came to stay with us despite the fact that in the next 48 hours he must decide whether or not he will end his career with the Navy, or go back to Iraq, back to war, with a SEAL platoon.

Navy’s the sort of guy who, in addition to being a Navy SEAL officer, has a master's degree in English, has studied at Cambridge and is all around skilled, knowledgeable and interesting, which is handy if I want to know about sharks or the people in Jordan or anything, really. He can also drink a lot of Guinness.

Anyway, the breakfast was good; it was like we were on an adventure-driven, snowy road trip and had stopped off at a diner for too much pancakes. Except IHOP's only a five-minute drive away,

And can one ever have too many pancakes?

(The answer is yes.)

It would have been perfect if we weren’t missing The Professor, who couldn’t make it down from New England. But in the face of missing perfection we did all right for ourselves. (As you must.)

Also, today, (and all week,) I’ve received comments, e-mails and links to web entries regarding Aidmheil.

So things are good despite the sometimes missed and the fact that I am confused about the
Golden Globe Nominations. (I didn’t realize that Pride & Prejudice and Walk the Line are considered comedies or musicals.) Good people are around (just like when gentlepersons go to dinner in P&P and the like (no brandy involved, though. And I’m still pretty sure that that story is not a comedy or a musical). And, there’s weather here! (I mean, isn’t Walk the Line a bio pic/drama?)

Oh well. I guess the Foreign Press knows what they’re doing, so here are some kind bits about the book, which might actually be a musical but I just don’t know it:

Magazine Man:"If you dare, you can follow J.Sto into the valley of Death. You can eavesdrop while she acts as a receptionist at the payphone of the Jedi. Or you can read "Greyfeather" a more traditional fantasy story that I can only hope is a taste of the honking big banana split that is to come."

Paul Davidson: "The book is clever in its humor, snarky in its wit, beautiful in its poetic goodness and sweeping in its scale. "

Swing by the Aidmheil page for more review links.

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