Seasons of C.Sto 

(Beware: Huge Harry Potter HBP spoiler ahead.)

I am in rehearsals and going wicked nuts all the livelong day, but I still have time to prop a sista, yo. And, after all, C.Sto is large; she contains multitudes. She also weighs two pounds more than I do, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I say “multitudes.” How very rude of you to think so. Anyway,

C.Sto the E-mailer
C.Sto the Wizard
C.Sto the Sayer of Prayers
C.Sto the Orderer
C.Sto the Future President
C.Sto the List Maker

C.Sto in Random Facts

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C.Sto called me yesterday to tell me this:

Erich, Tina, John and I were at the American Tap Room sitting outside and someone rolled by with their windows down and yelled,


And Tina and I just looked at each other, flabbergasted…

C.Sto: I can’t believe he just said that.
Tina: I know.
Random Girl at Table Behind: I can’t believe he just yelled that.
C.Sto & Tina: I know!
Erich: (aside to John) What did he say?
John: Something about double doors.

For more C.Sto fun, dig her up in the Dead Sto Scrolls. She mummifies well. (I swear!)

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