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Offer Up Your Best Defense 

CoachCarter: Somewhere along the way of having this site since you got crazy popular youíve become teach-the-world-to-sing girl.
Jessica: You think Iím too diplomatic and understanding.
CoachCarter: When it comes to people you are. People are stupid and lazy and they donít know anything. They only care about themselves. They take and take and donít do shit to give back. Case in point, do you consider your audience a supportive one?
CoachCarter: Be honest
CoachCarter: Iím not going to tell anyone
Jessica: No, I donít. Less than 2% are insanely supportive or have been supportive at one time or another. Itís actually less than 1%, probably. The rest, I have no idea what they think about anything weíre doing, really.
Jessica: And if you ask me how that makes me feel Iím signing off.
CoachCarter: Heh ok
CoachCarter: How many people on your mailing list?
Jessica: Over 6,000.
CoachCarter: How many on the TSL demand
Jessica: 557
CoachCarter: And that oneís free kiddo. They donít link you much either. Where are your blogger friends, donít you guys support one another? I thought the blogosphere was there place for power and for the ďmavensĒ to reach the tipping point. ďEveryone should care about the Internet because it drives interest blah blah blah look at me I have a blog!ĒÖ
Jessica: Haha, I didnít realize you hated the blogosphere so much.
CoachCarter: Itís bullshit. Theyíre like the democrats: Canít focus and pull their shit together in order to make any real change.
Jessica: Haha.
Jessica: My blogger friends I count in the highly supportive, awesome percent. When it makes sense we promote each other.
Jessica: Usually.
Jessica: Itís not like itís some sort of friendship requirement. I donít want it to be: Thatís stupid.
CoachCarter: Hm
CoachCarter: How many new unique visitors, non-repeats, do you get a day?
Jessica: At least 100 new, plus all the repeat traffic that makes up the majority.
Jessica: Many of them searching to find out if you can crack a rib by coughing or looking for the greatest free wallpaper download ever.
CoachCarter: They come in and download your and Gregís work
CoachCarter: Do those people do the demand
Jessica: Not really
Jessica: they eat up my bandwidth with drive-by traffic
Jessica: Then bastardize our art on their sparkly MySpace pages
Jessica: Which would be fine if we were, like... Spiderman. You see Spidey art and you know what itís from and itís great for the film because it broadens their promotion. But you see our art and without context, itís just awesome stolen art. So that hurts us more than it helps us by far. It screws us, really. And of course itís illegal copyright infringement. The bad kind.
CoachCarter: Youíre right, your audience sucks.
Jessica: Haha--I never said that.
CoachCarter: So? Then Iíll say it. They whine about shit and egg you on to go big and then hang you out to dry. Tell them to put their money where there mouth is.
Jessica: I am almost laughing, but the other part of me is like ďUhÖĒ
Jessica: And yet a third part of me is amazed at how many clichťs you packed into that one line.
Jessica: I mean I get your point, they come here all year and spend time but then go off on the weekend and pay for shite entertainment, meanwhile they expect me to dance for free with no relief, and the minute I donít they write to tell me how much better my blog was last year or that Iím promoting too much even though Iím ad-free and solely promoting our artwork
CoachCarter: It should piss you off even more that they people writing that probably make more money than you do
Jessica: Iíve told you that story before
CoachCarter: :-)
Jessica: Haha, ok. But I also think thatís a little bit of an extreme POV. And not everyone is like that.
CoachCarter: Yeah that whole 1% thatís trying to do 100% of the work. Good people. But what about the rest?
CoachCarter: You donít promote enough. You need to hit it harder on your blog and tell those 99% dicks to stop taking and start giving back. How long have you blogged for free?
CoachCarter: You want to stay ad-free fine but then you need to promote and people need to step it up.
Jessica: Well, I donít think you can look at it that way.
Jessica: It started out as something different and has gone through phases,
Jessica: which I think you can see throughout the Dead Scrolls
CoachCarter: Right because that part of your site is like a book. Itís well-edited in fucking CHAPTERS and is a piece of fucking art.
Jessica: but right now to share art.
Jessica: I feel less of a need to say Iím here and hereís what I think. Iíve already said quite a bit. Iím more interested in getting films made and visual stuff and then sharing those with a wider audience.
Jessica: And thanks regarding the scrolls. I donít know how well-edited it is though
CoachCarter: Címon youíre probably re-editing them now, admit it
CoachCarter: keep talking Iím listening
Jessica: I guess I do feel like Iím blogging to about 10 people who are consistent, 10 fantastic people I might add, but yeah I get where youíre going.
CoachCarter: Right I mean this project is for film festivals so if your audience isnít interested then fuck them. Theyíll never see it and itís their loss. You donít have to update them.
CoachCarter: I donít know when this idea of you owing them so much has come in when they donít do shit to meet you back. That film can belong to a whole world they never get access to
Jessica: I may as well just blog straight to the 10 people who actually give a damn, is what youíre saying.
CoachCarter: and itís their goddamn loss
CoachCarter: Right. If you have offline projects that will see the light of day and if people here arenít coming out for you
CoachCarter: then whatís the point of busting your ass for them? Keep the professional side of your site for promotion and scale back on the connectivity.
CoachCarter: You put yourself out there too much and they egg you on to do it then when you need them they just let you fall. Itís typical shit, but it pisses me off when you defend these people who email you once and expect an in depth reply or only contribute when they disagree with something and want attention
Jessica: On the other hand, some people are just shy and quiet
Jessica: you have a terrible view of humanity :-)
CoachCarter: Look kiddo I know you like to think the world of people but
CoachCarter: Actions speak louder than words
Jessica: Yeah but if you donít hold yourself and other people to high standards then a lot of potential is lost
Jessica: I donít want to live in a world like that
Jessica: Iíve always wanted to be the kind of person who could pull that off for a cause without having to sacrifice anyoneís integrity
Jessica: or pull any weird tricks or use any celebrities whatsoever or get a corporate sponsor and wear their name and phone number on the back of my jersey, you know? (I have faced a lot of fundraising challenges growing up; sports teams, school projects/dances, arthritis philanthropy, artsÖ).
CoachCarter: As I recall you were J.money kidd at finding good corp sponsors for sports
Jessica: All community small businesses, good people, friends of the family who know what itís like
CoachCarter: So whatís wrong with your readers? They donít know what itís like? They canít identify?
CoachCarter: Youíre out of excuses for them
Jessica: You know what would be amazing? If I fundraised enough pocket change here that I didnít have to worry about finding any more investors.
CoachCarter: You need to hit it harder
CoachCarter: Itís five fucking dollars, ten if they arenít total assholes
CoachCarter: Call bullshit on them
CoachCarter: What happened to that person I knew who pinned Daniels against the wall by the neck for cheating at beer pong?
Jessica: Thatís completely different!
CoachCarter: You pinned him by the neck against the wall.
CoachCarter: how the hell did you manage that?
Jessica: I am freakishly strong sometimes
CoachCarter: What about that time you nearly punched Corbits in the face but the yelling you did was actually worse, or that WBNA-size chick fromówhat was that team from NC called?
Jessica: Yeah yeah I get it. Flag brings out the worst in me sometimes though. Anyway what about the guy who blasted his clipboard into the sideline and nearly got thrown out leaving us without an O coach, but you donít go around all the time like that, right? And I know you donít consider that one of your better momentsó
CoachCarter: That was necessary.
Jessica: Well yeah bad call. Believe me I got the elbow-toss-wind-kicked-out-of-me side of it; I know. But you get my point. Sometimes itís warranted and thereís entitlement.
CoachCarter: do you get mine?
Jessica: Your point is that in working to be a better, more understanding person Iíve strayed too far to one side and now itís ruining me.
CoachCarter: Right so what are you going to do
Jessica: if Iím feeling honest (and still exhausted) I might clean this conversation up to the best of my ability, add some links, and post it straight away
Jessica: but donít worry Iíll change your sn and anything identifying, you donít mind otherwise?
CoachCarter: Thanks and no post away if you think that will help
CoachCarter: But Iím doubtful, I think you have a lot of so called ďgeeksĒ reading your website that when push come to shove canít take 2 seconds to add their name to something or digg it. they arenít there for you until they want something from you.
CoachCarter: How many emails do you answer a day?
CoachCarter: You say you donít answer them all but I know you probably do
Jessica: Oh, I donít know, at least ten that arenít a few words as an answer.
CoachCarter: how long does that take?
Jessica: I get your point.
CoachCarter: Any of those people donate or Digg it?
Jessica: (Sigh) Not really, man. ;-) Same core Wingmen nearly every time. But people arenít required you know, and they take time to come around to stuff/come into things. I mean despite everyone telling me that BSG was so good and up my alley it took me 2 seasons to get into it and start supporting it/spreading the word.
CoachCarter: Jesus Christ. there you go again. These people have had forever to come around. Theyíre here because they like what you and your guys do so what the fuck is taking them so long? How much time can they need?
Jessica: Are you seriously asking me to have entitlement toward
Jessica: peopleís good will?
CoachCarter: Yes
Jessica: How do you justify that?
CoachCarter: By how much time and effort you put into them and for what?
Jessica: If they donít care they donít care.
CoachCarter: How many prints do you have left
Jessica: a little over half
CoachCarter: thatís pretty good and you need to sell them out to budget correctly?
Jessica: Yeah
CoachCarter: You need to hit it harder. People need to know how cool this shit is
Jessica: Dude, Ďthe frack else am I supposed to do? I already wrote a genius entry about it complete with bullet points for skimmers and we took Jerry Maguireís advice by helping them help us. I even tried making three of me so that Iíd have more bandwidth.
CoachCarter: keep talking
Jessica: About what
CoachCarter: How?
Jessica: You know how.
CoachCarter: Say it out loud it will help us come to a conclusion
Jessica: hahaóYou sound like me.
CoachCarter: I know
CoachCarter: :-)
Jessica: So there are prints, which money goes to AAE and gets purchaserís name in credits. Donations of a mere 5 bucks and up goes straight to AAE production and gets the personís name, rightfully so, in the credits. And then people can always help out easily for no cost by hitting the TSL demand, linking, digging links all of this is on my site and I donít know how to hit it harder. I keep saying how much it helps and theyíre just like ďla la la laówe donít hear you or wtf, we donít care! F you!Ē
Jessica: So this is how we roll: We keep going, we keep building, we keep adding new artistic elements. Soon there will be a project area for AAE. Not yet, however. But soon.
CoachCarter: Whatís the next thing you are rolling out. What will be in the project area?
Jessica: The [omitted]. Iím excited about that. Weíre working on it now.
Jessica: Regardless, each time we add something new I think: Ah, this will be the one to draw them out, all those slipping by here, not stopping.
Jessica: Then, a week later, I laugh at myself because nothing works on people except billboards in their faces and TV Guide Channel and making them feel like if they donít see Spiderman 3 they will die of mortification because they will be an outcast when it comes to conversations about black leotards and jazz dance.
CoachCarter: It's time to take it to the mattresses.
Jessica: FINE!!111
Jessica: (whatís that?)
CoachCarter: The Godfather
Jessica: Oh. Havenít seen it but I feel you.
Jessica: PS: Did you just bold me in IM haha.
Jessica: PPS: And what if they donít do anything still. Then Iím a dick for no reason. Donít you see it doesnít help?
CoachCarter: No, then theyíre the dicks. Fuck Ďem. Send the updates to your dozen of loyal readers and focus on your project.
Jessica: So as not to punish the people who are awesome? (I have a problem when that happens, anyway.)
CoachCarter: Right Why would you waste your time writing about the whole process here when you could focus on the art? I mean if no one cares why should you? Just connect with those people who actually give a fuck and back it up by doing what you say is so important.
Jessica: ?
Jessica: Showing up.
CoachCarter: Yep. Frankly I think they need a punch in the face, a kick in the ass. Not everyone motivates the way you do some people need to be yelled at and riled up.
Jessica: I know. But itís different when someone signs up for something, like a team.
CoachCarter: My point is that they have signed up.
Jessica: Iím just going to post this and let it ride.
Jessica: ÖCan we still talk a little though because I want to tell you something funny and non-related
CoachCarter: STOVER
Jessica: All right, Iím going. Give me fifteen minutes to edit and then type up a little something for afterward.
CoachCarter: And if people get pissed off at you?
Jessica: Scream at the ref or pin them to the wall by the neck and don't feel sorry about it!
Jessica: But really you're right. What's the point of being liked if people don't come out? There's no win there. No relationship and no ops.
Jessica: So Iím going to set a goal. I think we can hit it. Maybe people just donít know how important this is to us, that nowís the time, and how much $5 bucks can help. It adds up.
CoachCarter: Right. You are now prepared. May the geeks be with you.
CoachCarter: Link me when itís up
Jessica: k
CoachCarter: And make me look smarter when you edit
Jessica: k
CoachCarter: Just edit my errors.
Jessica: k
CoachCarter: I say right too much, cut some of those down.
Jessica: Make me, sucker.
CoachCarter: Iím going to check my united miles btw, but I donít think I have enough to donate a ticket. I cashed one in earlier this year. Checking though.
Jessica: If you don't have enough, then maybe I can transfer mine to you and together we can come up with enough.
CoachCarter: Stop talking to me and GO POST.
Jessica: ok
Jessica: (I don't respond well to this bossy shit btw.)
Jessica: I'm back and it's posted.
CoachCarter: What feedback do you expect?
Jessica: A bunch of jokes and comments focused on how (gasp!) I haven't seen The Godfather.
CoachCarter: Heh, not what you'd hope for.
Jessica: No. I guess it never is.
Jessica: Maybe you are right.
Jessica: Anyway I'm passing out. Just e-mail me about that stuff, k?
Jessica: PS:Iaddedmore"right"sinjustforyouokbye!

The relation between blogger and readership is always poignant to people like you and me, and I hear bloggers discussing (or struggling with) the finer points of the matter frequently; if not in person, then on their blogs. I usually think "it is what it is" and take a moderate approach.

As of right now it is 4 AM and after numerous conversations with friends and readers all day who are riding me so hard out of nowhere, I say this in the name of anyone who is fundraising for anything (art, sports, charity, schools, clubs): If youíre here, then obviously you like something of what we do and have related interestsóAnd a five or ten spot, thatís like what you spend at Starbucks or on your weekly bad movie ticket. Itís chump change, but it adds up to us. Really. And you get film credit for it!

(As I was telling a reader recently, my financial plans are all outlined in the song Get Money by Jr. Mafia, so feel free to refer to the lyrics for more in depth information.)

But seriously, this is make or break shit: Pretty much a point where I make my decisions on how useful even having this sort of website is.

Iím going to set a JSDC donations goal: $2000.00

Guess what (awesome): Weíre already at $300.00, so that makes it $1700 left to go. If you can buy a print and support us that way, then by all means do and take advantage of the Triple Feature of the Awesome. But if not, why not throw in a few duckets? If 170 people donated at least 10 bucks, the price of a bad movie ticket, then hey, weíd be there! And hey, maybe some higher rollers will pick up any slack (some already have Ė Eddie, Katie, Curt, Bryan). And guess what, I get more than 170 new unique visitors in a single day and I get at least five emails from new people a day. A day. Can you imagine if those people stopped? Thatís why my mind is so blown by the silence here, which lately has become deafening. And thatís why Iím more interested to listen to what people have to say about the matter.

$2,000. Iím putting you guys in charge of funds for costumes. Can you handle that? Very important. Basically the look of the film; part of production design. If you canít handle it, weíre going to be wearing paper bags. It wonít look very good. In addition, Iíve got to hit the prints goal. Iím halfway there.

And yes, incidentally, this is all Iím going to blog about until we reach that goal. Watch me. Just watch me fool. Iíll do it, Iíll so do it. FINE! Iím doing itÖ

Oh and seriouslyx2, if you travel for work and have a load of frequent flyer miles, then check them because if they are about to expire you could majorly help us out by donating them.

In epic conclusion, I call bullshit on you.

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Wingman Batting Cleanup 

This, just now, from a reader:

I am going to match 1 to 2 all the donations on your drive. So when you raise the full $2000 I will send you a check for another $1000 on top of that.

So let them know about the match. Let's get this thing going!

What do I want in return? Simply to be an enabler. I just want you to create. I love the stories you create and I think it would be great if I could help enable that.



I mean, Öwhoa.

How awesome is that? If we hit the goal of 2k, then Mike will donate another 1k to make it 3k!

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Deep Space Dreams 

Thank You

Because, earlier today, we had the first ever JSDC Live Chat and it was totally enjoyable.

I then fell asleep. For the record, this is what you dream about when you type too much.

*By permission: Witch Head Nebula Photo by NASA / Color Composite by Noel Carboni
*By permission: View of Uranus Photo by NASA / Voyager 2

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Readers of JSDC have fundraised 2k to put toward the total budget of Artemis Eternal and Wingman Mike generously matched that 2k with 1k of his own money. You can tell how damn busy I am because it took me a day and a half to write an entry about this amazing development whereas normally it would have been written and posted immediately. I just sent an e-mail to Mike wherein I said,

ďI'm writing up a new entry for JSDC now. (Finally, I have an hour or so to breathe.) I can't tell you what a help your 1k, and your motivation, are. Every little bit gets us closer to the second budget goal (we're doing fine now with base production budget). Also, the more money I have, the more people are willing to invest, so it all comes together and snowballs and flourishes.Ē

Thanks, you guys. In my tired heart I celebrate you. ďI cherish your friendship.Ē

ďNo, I cherish your friendship.Ē

How good is the movie Team America? Sooo good.

I have a list of crew announcements to make and will be doing so once a few more members are locked in and can post a more complete list. Iíve received e-mails asking who the cinematographer is, so Iím really waiting for that bit because I know thatís what you want to know.

When I say that I am busier than ever before; itís the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Spielberg. I hope you can be patient until August. I will not be at my computer as much until then and, when I am, I will be working solid. Most of the day I spend running from meeting to meeting with my cell phone strapped to my head because Iím constantly in the middle of some phone call. I canít say how much or little I will update between, but in the end any wait will be worth it and it goes without saying that the film is my priority right now. I know you wouldnít have it any other way. Still, hang in there. I have dozens upon dozens of people depending on me. Things should lighten up during post.

Also, Greyfeather is sold out!

I will do the drawing for the print this weekend a.k.a. as soon as I have time to put the names into a hat and pick a winner!

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Winners and Wings 

A few weeks ago Wingman Eddie gave me the idea to do a drawing for a $150 limited edition print for those who donated money to the budget for AAE. Thus, anyone who donated $25 or more was entered to win. I said Iíd do the drawing once you guys had fundraised 2k, which was accomplished on Friday.

So today, just now, actually, I wrote all the names on pieces of paper, folded each little strip in half, and put them all in a hat.

Then I closed my eyes and mixed and jostled it all about.

Then, I pulled out a slip of paper.

On the slip of paper it saidÖ


David is a newer reader who is a huge fan of Greg Martin's work and who has been extremely supportive of my work since discovering JSDC.

Congratulations, David. If youíll e-mail me your shipping address, then Iíll mail the print to you tomorrow.

Speaking of ideas, someone else gave me another good idea yesterday:

ďI donít have miles to donate but I might like to sponsor someoneís airfare. It would be cool if I could know whose it was, you think? Iíd feel really useful that way and then I could geek out about it when I see it!Ē

Similar fundraising is used in team sports wherein sometimes people prefer to know that they are directly impacting the player they know on the team over making a more general team donation. The difference being that in a film, you can credit someone in an exact manner that reflects their support. So if you are interested in flying someone out, then Iíll credit those creatively and separately and you can be a keeper of someoneís wings. I have five cast and crew members total flying in for production; including me, the actors, stunt choreographerÖ . E-mail direct if youíre able to sponsor flight. We arenít going too far, so the average is a couple of hundred dollars per.

Finally, youíll see that I upped the minimum to get your name in the credits from $5 to $25. Anyone who donated less than that before this point will of course still be listed. I upped the bar because most people are donating at least that anyway. And because Iíd like for the list to remain special. Also, best to get in early, no?

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JSDC Welcome Wagon 

The position of co-director/director of photography has been filled by the extraordinary, Aussie, Andy Strahorn.

Hereís what Iíll say about this film:

Itís made off the generosity of standup investors and vendors and film professionals; all of them working in concert, all being patient, all being flexible, all being sensitive to the story.

If any of the cast or crew happens upon this small corner of the universe where I now write, if youíre here, know that you are appreciated by myself, the audience and everyone on the production.

Things wouldnít be here without you.

Doing the right thing at the right time is no easy feat, yet you aspire and together we move onward! Thanks for believing.

Chances like this are few and far between.

Inquire direct.

And get pumped, fools.

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True Blue 

I've flown JetBlue more than any other airline. Prior to moving, their fares made it possible for me to fly from VA to Los Angeles for last-minute bookings. JB airline was an important tool in getting me where I am today.

JB airline got me to Skywalker Ranch to meet with George Lucas last minute and affordably. I remember it well: It was the first time I booked my own ticket, and the first time I flew by myself. The companyís airline partner, Unitedís, airfare was listing at around $1,000 for a next-day ticket (which was too high for the showís budget) and other airlines were just as high. The department assistant was at a loss, so I tried an airline I had seen in EW, Jet Blue, and JB got me there for $250. And it was comfortable!

Iíve written to JetBlue in the past. Sometimes to thank them for being them; the them that enables me to make it home for Christmas, other times to offer feedback since I fly with them so often. Yesterday, I wrote Dear JetBlue about something else. I donít know anyone who works there, so it was a cold contact.

Today, less than 24 hours later, I have vouchers for the entire, LA-based cast and crewís airfare.

Thatís right: JetBlue is sponsoring the airfare for Artemis Eternal.

Something that was fairly easy for them to do on their end has now made a huge difference to our production.

I once flew on the same flight as JB CEO David Neeleman. He was sitting behind me; aisle seat. I was looking for a blanket and he got up and got two for me, along with a pillow. Then I realized who he was, because I had heard a little about his character and that he flew JB quite a bit.

Thereís no first class on JetBlue: Everyone has the same size seat, the same snacks and the same TV. Itís a welcome break from the hierarchy that occurs on other planes.

Thank you, thank you to JetBlue, the office of David Neeleman and to the lovely, expedient Carol Archer.

As I've mentioned, there are a mighty handful of venders supporting the film, most of them small businesses (which I will list in times to come as they are a testament to generosity and vision). Itís rather remarkable when a larger corporation stands up on the same side as small businesses and is generous with their resources and talents, too. It speaks to community.

It speaks to a fantastic mentality.

Remember that the next time youíre looking for low fares.

So JetBlueís onboard, Grůzer in Hungary is onboardÖ

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Wu Wei 

I want everyone to stand shoulder to shoulder and say we believe in this cinema-story, what weíre doing, each other and weíre having a hell of a lot of fun, despite the challenges (which are part what makes the project worthwhile!). No one takes more than they need against the budget, whether it be low or high, and beyond being fair in terms of pay, this experience is about more than money.

A project is not worth doing if you cannot say all of the above.

There are only a handful of enablers in the film industry who delight in working under that mindset.

The key is to find a project thatís quality and that matters, but also to be able to see the wood for the trees so that you can create something timely that resonates in order to facilitate the possibility of good business and returns. Most projects fall to the side of having a large production and promotional budget while not being quality, which is that flash-in-the-pan, spectacle you see week after week at the theater.

(These are things that you know about me, that Iíve said before, but there is something new to be said today; as things move along.)

On the flip side, some projects fall to the side of being quality but so niche or not obvious enough to receive adequate promotion that they lose money (if they are ever funded in the first place). Losing money is fine if that doesnít matter to you, but it will be difficult to perpetuate making films so generously without at least breaking even. Even these sort of projects are few and far between, and limited in terms of accessibility to artists because, most likely, they are the project of someone who is independently wealthy.

And there arenít a lot of independently wealthy folks who understand film, have a desire to be involved in film and who have the taste and passion to self start a project or recognize a project that could use their support, and the boldness of philosophy I opened with.

It is very hard to do the right thing at the right time.

On top of that, in terms of indie funders, the film must somehow resonate. A film can be revolutionary, solid, amazing, fantasticÖ but that doesnít mean that everyone, even the best, will grasp the ideas and believe in them enough to put financial weight behind the picture.

So the chances of getting a film produced in a pure manner are slim. Itís much like running for office.

If you take money from the wrong people or the wrong businesses, then youíre going to owe an allegiance to their interests, youíre going to get meddlers meddling and a slew of other possible problems.

Among other things, and most disturbingly, there are significant ethical concerns under that model. But if you donít have promotion, you cannot run for office, you cannot get your message out. Unfortunately promotion requires a lot of money. On the film side of that metaphor, there are certain, many, producers I would never take a single dollar from no matter how much one of my projects needs the funding.

This is the point where I suggest that you and I strive to be conscious and wary about where we spend our dollars and who we put in a position to sway art and government via funding.

There are a handful of people who Iíve wanted to talk to for sometime, because they produce and fund cleanly. (Like you! You donators and funders, you! But, they work, you know, on a larger scale amount wise.) Recently Iíve earned a couple of meetings to that effect and I have a few more upcoming.

Meetings usually donít make me nervous. Iím prepared and used to talking to people at this point, and I donít have anything to hide, and, while Iím not desperate by any means, Iíve been so humbled that I simply want to work and work in a respectable, fair capacity that makes sense to the project. The meeting works or it doesnít: I am the myself behind my projects because thatís the only way to be.

ÖBut the handful of meetings with the slight few who do work that admireóThese meetings have me thinking too much.

The life of a human is defined by relationships and it is the goal of every person alive to surround themselves with the people who (they think) will lend to the best experience of being alive (or to be away from those who hinder that). For this reason your heart jumps into your throat when you see your crush: Suddenly the stakes are higher because that person could change your whole world. Together you could be something better.

HahaóWell, I donít mind much about acquiring a boyfriend. I know young girls are supposed to care for that; but who has the time? Iím on a mission. In my case, my nerves fray over the possibility of adding certain crewmembers to the project, film support and, yes, funding. Those funders, those respectable few.

Those who are rare and irreplaceable.

And excel at doing the right thing at the right time.

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Her Soulís Estate 

A project like this is so ambitiousÖ

If one crew member falls,

We all fall.

Itís getting wild. Crazy. Tight. The process becomes a science of numbers and time as the budget bleeds and the hours slipÖ

Other venders have come out, and now we wait for word from film venders.




And Fletching.

It all somehow adds up to Story.

Update/note from the future after these entries:
After all of the above occurred, I readdressed how we are approaching this project and it became www.artemiseternal.com.

Everything that happens after this, until a new notebook is posted on artemiseternal.com down the line, can be followed at www.jessicastover.com/scrolls.

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