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Future Sounds 

X-Ray Dog has cut new samplers.

Maybe this will hide how many film and DVD releases used music from their orchestral choir demo this year.

I only bring it up because I just (yet again) saw two flicks use music from said sampler via back-to-back TV spots.

I much prefer the old orchestral choir demo* to the new “Best in Show” sampler. The choir demo runs almost seven minutes long, has an arc and the music is better: More the best of their best than, “here’s the new stuff that's, you know, new.” I listen to said better choir demo on my iPod and dream of adventures wild whilst driving through the ruined streets of Los Angeles.

It gets me pumped.

Now, in place of the constant repetition of XRD trailer music to look forward to, we have the constant repetition of less-good XRD trailer music to look forward to.

*Under "all music" click the first, "Canis Rex" demo. Tell me that one's not better than the new. I dare you.

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The Difference 

I am cleaning out my “JSDC Materials” folder by deleting the content, drafts and ideas I passed on using.

I thought you might like to see the logo that almost was the JMS official crest.

View the other choice.

As you can see, both versions are amazing and it was a hard call.

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Whatever you do...

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Video Still

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Hey, so, just wondering for no reason at all... did anyone happen to enter this sweepstakes a while back?

Well guess who won the Grand Prize, you fools!



Me a.k.a the most deserving person who never gets to do anything with the entertainment industry ever.

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"The ability to walk/hike distances up to 2 miles on uneven surfaces,
dirt trails that at times are steep and exposed, while wearing a
backpack weighing up to 15 lbs. You will be required to wade in
water over short distances (15 yards max) with your hiking shoes and
hiking clothes on. You will get completely wet repeatedly from the
rappelling and stream hiking, your clothes will get very dirty and
the possibility of rips or tears does exist.

You will be expected to learn how to rappel down steep rock faces and
water falls with the use of professional seat harnesses, helmets,
ropes, and rappel devices under close professional supervision. Rock
faces and waterfalls will be technically descended by rappelling will
be up to 120’ vertical feet tall. This is an intense course and is
suggested for persons with a body weight of less than 220 lbs. and a
waist size less than 38 inches. This is a full day’s adventure."

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From Here & Forward 

A Winter View

A Spring Dream

A Story, Soon.

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