Saddle Up, Ladies 

That’s right, you are all girls. Even the boys.

Currently, at this very moment, I am packing. I can type with one hand and pack with the other. That is where I got my street cred. Don’t question the cred. “But, wait, packing?!” I hear you cry, to which I respond: “Calm down, my Cowboys, I’m just taking a little tripsy.” That is to say, I am homeward bound.

Back to the Mancha I go. There I will do a lot of stuff that has to do with the country, such as go to Starbucks, and we will be hosting a wedding shower. And by “we,” I actually mean M.Sto, who has done all of the work.

Good job, M.Sto.

The shower is for Heather and David. They are either getting married or tricking us so that they can have parties and get a lot of gifts from Home Depot. That is where they are registered so feel free to send them a grill. Then they can cook me stuff.

Because Cowboys get hungry.

Normally, I would freak out and be all: “Tarnation! You guys can't get married!” But Heather and David have been together for a really long time. I think they actually met in the hospital just after being born. Recently they bought a horse house so I'm pretty sure they are serious... Dude, you guys should totally buy a horse instead of a house!

I swear, when I grow up, I am NEVER getting married. It’s weird.

And cowboys need time to go on adventures, anyway.

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