Today I had a fitting.

Costume designer Anastasia Smith is a pro when it comes to corsetry. Thatís her specialty. As she laced me up like anon good nurse, I braced myself against the doorway and she said ďo-ho weíre not done yet,Ē as this all happened amidst my winces, the tightening; I realized that this was the first time that I had been fitted for any sort of corset in costuming.

I suppose I assumed that skinny girls were immune to corsets. Apparently no one is: They trick you by taking your measurements and making the things custom for you - so tightly just for you, oh yes - so that you canít breathe, pass out, fall off a cliff into the sea and Johnny Depp has to save you. No matter what size you are.

But J.Sto needs to be able to run around and fill her lungs with air, and I donít even know Johnny Depp really, so I asked for some breathing room. I did not refer to myself in the third person when I asked. I usually save that address for special moments, such as this corset moment, brought to you by JSDC.

PS: Do not click on tightlacing: It will freak you out.

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