Good Gunn Hunting 

I'm not the only one at JSDC who gets mail. The following is an example of The Gunn's correspondence.

> Subject: (no subject)
> From:
> To:
> u r so0o0o0o0o ugly,i would never date U! ugly thing.

Dear Pig -- I mean Angel -- I mean Chatty Pig Angel,

I am truly gratified that you think that I'm ugly, given that you have no
idea what I really look like!

But seeing as how you communicate electronically in "AOL-speak" and have
no idea what proper grammar looks like, I would place your age at about 14
years, which is much too young for me anyways. So I hope you take comfort
in knowing that I, too, would "never date U!"

Have a nice day, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay on!

The Gunn

P.S. AOL 4.0 was obsolete about 5 years ago, so you might want to think
about upgrading soon.

Diss! The Gunn is an Internet genius and if you come at him, he will totally make fun of how stupid you are and how you need to upgrade everything on your computer. My Webmaster's wicked smart.

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