Diss Prunk 

It's 1:00 AMish. I think that might make it the next day.

That was pretty good punctuation. I remembered the apostrophe.

Dude, I haven't been drunk in like, forever. Or a week. Anyway, I am like, "what if I write an entry whilst intoxicated?" Would I get a BWI? Then ticket me, Sir, because I am definitely that.

M.Sto totally can't ground because she's east side. Word. LA rules for drunk people! aldsjfaodf oisdfv aopidfjopiasd jfoiaj!!

Also, did you know that no one owns th edomain for www.drunk.com? You should totally buy it and put some good stuff on there that will, like, fool some drunk people. Or something.

Haha, I just looked at The Gunn's buddy info on AIM and under hobbies it says "pizza."


Tomorrow I will scold myself for posting this. I will later decide that I am awesome for posting this. Then we can all dance around a maypole. (They have ribbons, woot.)


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