What People Want 


“This is where 'We're just giving the people what they want’ comes in. It's the defiant lie told by those who want to pretend that their failures of ambition are your fault — that because 'the people' eat what they're fed, they must like it. The moneymen behind Spiders of the Shrekibbean brag about meaningless numbers (Spider-Man 3 had the biggest opening weekend of all time!) and shrink from meaningful ones, like the fact that Spider-Man 3 cost more and will likely gross less than the first two. And they start planning Spider-Man 4 because 'the people' want it, and try not to listen to the moviegoers saying 'Ehh, 3 was okay, the second one was better.’ Because nothing that anyone says after the movie counts.” – Full EW Article

Thanks to Wingman Steve for the link.

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