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ďThat money's not going into my pocket, I can promise you that. It's just these guys who have f---ed themselves out of a job essentially, that now take it out on ripping off the public. I've got a battle where I'm trying to put out quality material that matters and I've got fans that feel it's their right to steal it and I've got a company that's so bureaucratic and clumsy and ignorant and behind the times they don't know what to do, so they rip the people off.Ē (Full Article)

This link came from a friend, who wrote to me:

I know this is stuff you're already on top of, but I read this article with Trent Reznor, and his words around the idea of creative integrity rang very true.

I don't have that much experience with his particular sphere of influence, but I see the parallels to product design and brands with a core following -- it is absolutely true. I would imagine the same is true when applied to your creative sphere.


ďAt the end of the day, I'm not out to sabotage my career, but quality matters, and integrity matters. Jumping through any hoop or taking advantage of any desperate situation that comes up just to sell a product is harmful. It is.Ē
. . .

Once, director Werner Herzog was shot during an interview. During that same interview, afterward, he said, "I have been a good soldier of film."

I donít remember what the question was that prompted it, but I donít believe Iíll forget that answer.

Itís just that I know iacta alea est, you know?

Of course, Iím not the one who cast it.

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