My neighbors, the ones who yell out ďSTOVER!Ē and then I come to the window and we talk (their window is perpendicular to mine so that when Iím in need of an escape route I will definitely slash my screen and parkour into their flat), those neighbor-guys and I just video chatted because they bought a new MacBook. Video chatting from side-by-side apartments is the new IMing from different rooms in the same house. Or IMing while sitting next to one another in twin recliners, such as in the case of C.Sto and I.

Now Sigur Růs says Track 4 and Iím at the window playing requests on my Ocarina and the three neighbor-guys are playing cards to determine who has to do what chores and I am thinking about moving in over there because that would mean Iíd never have to do any chores ever.

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