Fire Vigil 


Groggy. Refrigerator. Bowl. Cereal. Milk. Spoon...


Roommate: Hey Jessica, did you start the fire?
Jessica: (crunch, crunch) No; it was always burning since the world's been turning.
Roommate: No, I mean, down the street.
Jessica: What?
Roommate: You didn’t hear? There’s a fire down the street.
Jessica: …Again?

Unlike the recent Hollywood fire, I piddled around before finally turning on the TV to see that the Griffith Park fire was still burning. As with the last time, I climbed up on my roof to see if I could view the beast. My photos this time aren’t as dramatic because I arrived late to the party yet before the fire started burning into the night, which, as I write this at an hour so late that it's the next day, is still happening: It’s still burning and is very close to the first street of houses. There are also reports that a structure within the park has been damaged.

Earlier today they evacuated the carousel. Now, they are evacuating homes.

Smoke creeps over the tree line again… Griffith Observatory stands proud on the hill…

I’m not used to this; fire season, but after only one fire I was semi-desensitized. I went to gymnastics and then Starbucks. Then I was home for a while before it occurred to me to check the news.

Still burning.

Intermittently the sounds of helicopters and sirens. And when I hear the sirens, I hear them both through the TV and my window. That, is quite jarring.

Is this all due to arson?: A “person of interest” is in custody.

As I write this, I again visit the roof. I can see the lights of the observatory, I can see the river of smoke, I can see no stars and at least seven helicopters and the dark part where the power has gone out...

On the other side, extending toward the sea, a neverending grid of orange lights—

And I think about what it means to live here.

Check in with for local coverage and flickr for the fire photo stream.

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