Dnevnoi Dozor 

Since Iím curious to see Sunshine, FOX Searchlight put me back on their screening list. (I had removed myself from FOX when I was no longer required to see everything, and with FOX went Searchlight.) I hadnít meant to be re-added, really; I only wanted to catch a screening for Sunshine due to its late US release date. Usually if I want to see a movie bad enough the opportunity comes along to screen it early or I pay for it so that I can go on my own terms. I have to say, however, that Iím happy about being re-included on the Searchlight list even though I havenít been able to make any of the screenings so far. Searchlight does interesting work and theyíre distributing a handful of sci-fi pictures. And their screenings are intimate and not at obnoxious locations. Iím going to attend this dinner/screening, for example.

Has anyone seen Night Watch?

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