Fun With Photos (Draftwork) 

Ha! Found you.

There’s no use hiding, and I need you, anyway.

Want to take a walk?:

My friends are pretty.

Especially The Professor.

Starburn I like because it looks like sci-fi book art from before I was born. You know; the photo/art assets aren’t perfect but they look sci-fi so they put it on the book and “oooooo.” Like that.

I’m pretty sure that if this were the '70s someone would pay me for that artwork.

My point: It’s neat what you can do if you have thirty minutes, a Mac and access to the public domain. The project with photos of my friends obviously has higher-quality photos taken with a solid camera, but the '70s art I produced entirely with le MacBook.

It’s not the first time, either: Gemini on My Mind.

*Reflection Nebula NGC 1999/V380 Orionis Photo by NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI)
*Lagoon Nebula Photo by Richard Crisp

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