University Massacre 

"It hasn't even registered to us," May said. "This is so much worse than Columbine. We don't even know what to think of it." - Washington Post

ē University officials say 33 dead, including gunman
ē Four hospitals report 29 wounded
ē Attacks mark deadliest school shooting in U.S. history
ē Student describes situation as "mayhem"; says 2 students jumped from window


...We have friends there.

"Blacksburg is a very small town, everybody almost knows everybody. It's going to be very bad and very sad in here." - CBC

All of our close friends are now accounted for. However, I know that someone we know will know someone who was murdered: Enough people from our hometown attend Tech that itís more than likely. Thereís a rumor that someone we know, that her sister was one of the victims. Iím hoping itís not true.

I donít even know what to say about this.

Christ. Her sister was shot in the hand.

Hoping our VA Tech Demanders are all right.

Update #2:
Hokie1984: One of my sisterís friends was shot in the hand today
Hokie1984: but I think she is okay
Jessica: I heard
Hokie1984: But she is okay right?
Jessica: I donít know.
Jessica: I only heard she was shot in the hand
Jessica: and I hoped she didn't lose her hand
Hokie1984: no kidding
Jessica: I haven't seen her sis around in forever
Jessica: and I don't know her. We are probably hearing news from the same people.
Hokie1984: Neither do I
Hokie1984: my sister apparently does but I do not
Jessica: I knew someone connected to us would be involved
Jessica: there are just too many people we know at Tech you know
Hokie1984: yeah
Jessica: When I woke up that was the first thing I saw and I was like holy fuck, but I figured if anything had happened to you or the rest then Iíd already know.
Hokie1984: I overslept my first class, which was in the building next to Norris
Hokie1984: I slept through the whole thing.
Jessica: Iím glad.
Hokie1984: I would have been safe
Hokie1984: he never left Norris
Jessica: Yeah, but it's traumatizing
Jessica: being on scene
Hokie1984: Alisha and her boyfriend were on lock down on campus though
Jessica: Ridiculous. Still canít get my head around it.

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