Elevation: The Importance of Showing Up 



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This adventure was in support of National Climate Day, an action day wherein Americans called on their leaders to step it up and reduce carbon omissions 80% by 2050.

Canyoneering was organized by Travis at Alpine Training Services. ATS tackles canyoneering all over the U.S. and leads comprehensive coursework in SoCal. (They're awesome.)

PS: I would like for everyone to know that I did that rocky, slide-y, steep, windy, cold, perfect canyon on two hours of sleep (inadvertently), and that when my alarm went off at 7:00 AM I was in great danger of phoning to excuse myself from the trip, rolling over and slipping back to dreamtown…

Of course that would have sucked on multiple levels.

So I showed up.

I hear that’s 80% of success: Simply showing up.

I also happen to believe that showing up reveals a great deal about you, what (or who) you really care about, what you believe in and how much you respect someone.

I mean, that’s real love: Showing up for someone repeatedly no matter what, and making it a strong habit, muscle memory, to do so, because you want to, because you care. That’s how it happens, man.

That's how you Know.

Afterward, while sitting on the floor of my bedroom and digging the sand out of a cut on my finger (I always consider minor snags of this sort indicative of a day well spent), I was thinking over the above idea. I was so out-of-my-mind exhausted that I didn’t even realize I was thinking about anything, really, not until I murmured aloud a determined, “Yes.”

In the immediate wake of all the things people say and write to me; this or that about whatever talent I may possess and vision and all sorts of things about being due and, “Just let me know when…”: When it comes down to it, will they show up for me?

The handful of people I’ve said that to; will I be there for them?

Amusing little power, isn’t it?: Your presence in the right place can rock worlds.

And the lack thereof can destroy them.

PPS: I talk to myself even when I’m not tired. You love it.

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