Maybe I would like this film trailer better if it didn't have the Lux Aeterna track from Requiem for a Dream. I can't count how many films have used that song (because it's wonderful and haunting) in their marketing since Requiem's completely underrated release. Regardless, you can't use a track after The Lord of the Rings uses it in their TV spots: It's a rule. Lux has become as cliché as the X-Ray Dog Choir Tracks or E.S. Posthumus' Nara (for the latter see the trailer for Unfaithful, opening credits to Cold Case, et cetera).

Thoughts? I get what the story is, but what's it about? The pitch isn't exactly original and I can't tell whether or not it's going to be any good; if the telling, the part that makes it original, is original.

It may or may not be flawed in the ways that you don't come to love: Could drop either way at this point. It's also "/horror," which is a genre I often avoid. (I saw Event Horizon and it scared the shit out of me.) That being said, I dug 28 Days Later, the director of which also happens to be the director of Sunshine.

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