Gearing Up 

Dear fools,

From the recent lull in comments on this page, it seems that things have been a little quiet in terms of traffic.

I would like for you to know that itís the night of April 2nd and I just received this:

Your site has exceeded its
bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2007-04-01.

Holy shit.

I went over my bandwidth for all of April. And itís only April 2nd. JSDC has had a lot of traffic in the past, even more than last month, but itís the second day of the month and Iím already over my bandwidth, and for the first time ever, I might addÖ

Of course itís due to the new concept art downloads and links from Digg, i.e. drive-by freeloaders add up. But theyíre also improving the world by displaying their new, amazing TSL desktops, so I canít be mad at them.

Mark this as a JSDC first:

Freeloaders are my heroes,

And my site is officially more expensive (damnit!).

Update: Remarkable for the wind!
In going through all of my referer links, I found one from a Russian forum:

"??? ??? ??????? ???? ????????????? ?????????? ??? ?????!

? ????????? ???????? ?????, ????, ????? ????????

Greg Martin ? Jessica Stover "

I translated it online via one of those free translators (they are always 100% correct):

"Here has still dug out two remarkable artists for the Wind!

To some episodes of the book, ????, very much approaches

Greg Martin and Jessica Stover
http: //
http: //"

I love it.

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