Pilots Passed 

People sometimes get really into a website, and then, I do believe, oft move on just as quickly. I was thinking about this trend, how long some readers have been here and continue to be here, and on my own reading habits as I skimmed the comments from two entries a year or so past.

Here are a few of the JSDC handles that we havenít seen in a long while:

Xyloart, Dusty, Kevin McD, naiah, Sponky, GeekRev, Jellyfish, Morgant, Melissa, Amanda, Jess #2, Stef, EdwoodCA, Kristina, JoS, GeekRev, James Abel, Lauren, ambeart, Shawn, Kat, John Doom, Clay, Toby, wynk, FoxForceFive, Jodi, Schiller, Will Campbell, Steve, Henry, Pete, Dombrowski, Chris K, Jen, DariushÖ

Where do they go?

I wonder.

It is sunny-bright and blue and there are white clouds and I see them all flying high... I have such a strange imagination. I mean, they donít even have planes in my mindís moving tableau.

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