Ten dollars a month.

Two discs at a time.

You can watch BSG starting with the miniseries and continue on to seasons one, two and three.

Youíll probably finish in about two months.

Try the Netflix free trial and get the BSG miniseries. If you like it, continue. If you donít, cancel your membership. You lose nothing.

Theyíre planning a two hour episode-movie about the Pegasus that will air on SciFi and then be released shortly after via DVD. This will lead up to the return of the series, twenty-two episodes, in early 2008. Youíll be caught up for season four, which I assume (and hope) will be the last season so that they go out strong, on their terms. Youíll be able to see what we are so excited about with this yearís finale and youíll be able to join in when the next ďOMG(s)Ē happens.

And me?

This is all Iím going to ingest this spring and summer, really:
- Harry Potter Books (all of them again, and the new one)
- NatGeo Magazine
- I want to look at some maps and finish the study books on my nightstand (Anatomy of a Criticism, The Tao Te Ching and Myths, Dreams and Religion; the latter is edited by Joseph Campbell).
- Odds and ends on the Internet: News, friendís blogs, et cetera. And whatever music I like. Maybe a new release Iím not expecting will surprise me in terms of film and I will go.
- I may watch LOTR.
- Discoveryís Planet Earth Series

After this weekend, I felt like I wanted to unplug completely and not update this website anymore. That always passes though: We know this. People experience that feeling from time to time. I donít even bother to write about it anymore because I know itís passing frustration, sadness or the like.

One moment in the Crossroads, part II episode that struck me, because I feel this way currently, more so than I usually do about whatís happening, is the moment when Adama says to the president something like, ďThatís in the past now, we need to concentrate on the future.Ē

I will finish writing the tedious entry about my trip because I feel I need to.

And then Iím going to jump forward.

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