Making an Entrance 

Iím late to the party on this, but I donít mind: Iíve just watched the BSG mini-series last night. Although Iíve seen all of season three so far and the catch-up episode they did titled, The Story So Far, I still had a kick-ass time watching the beginning unfold. And, although I dislike TV in general, (even the best shows have dud episodes, which sucks: The story can never be great all the way through because episodic TV always comes down to volume), what Iíve seen of BSG I love. Enough to overlook the episodes where they repeat beats or the story could have been organized better. The show runners focus on character and take time to explore. Thatís really what works, what you can sink your teeth into. Especially against the landscape of whatís currently happening in visual entertainment, especiallyx2 via that free, primetime beam blasted straight into your skull from that drug-addiction of a light box every night.

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to watching seasons one and two on DVD.

And marrying Helo when I grow up.

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