The Road to Awe 

Perhaps I wasnít clear.

Of all the movies Iíve seen this year, there are only a few that were good: The Queen and The Fountain come first, and Little Children was fairly good, too.

The Fountain is my favorite of those listed, of the year. Iíve just seen it a second time. Something I forgot to remark on before was the score. I remember loving the music at the premiere and now Iím loving it even more. I love the entire film more now that Iíve had a second go.

See this movie. See it after nightfall in a good theater. See it when you may reflect.

Sit with your eyes closed through the credits, and listen.

See this movie.

Donít make comments, or excuses: This audience is smart and largely art loving, story loving and a Sci-Fi audience.

See this movie.

Aside from a third viewing of The Fountain, Children of Men is the only film Iím currently looking forward to seeing. I havenít seen such a timely Sci-Fi film premise since The Matrix one. (Although, arguably, the premise for Revenge of the Sith was metaphorically timely, it is because the movie sucked flat that I overlook it, as it should be.)

Sci-Fi: Getting stronger?

The Fountain, at least, is waiting for you. If you donít see it, then I donít know what weíll have to talk about.

Maybe, then, we don't have anything in common anymore.

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