Of Kings and Knights 

Here is an e-mail conversation that occurred at approx.10:30 AM PT this morning betwixt M.Sto and myself.

First, however, it is important to note that The Grizz is way into telescopes, has never been on the Internet and has been to a book store one time in the past ten years and that was only to get some books for M.Sto for Xmas. In addition, I had to go with him to the Borders and he was in awe over the fact that I immediately knew where all of the books would be.

M.Sto: Dad has found a reason to use the Internet. He's researching telescopes. He also read a book about them and has 2 magazines he's now reading. I can't believe it's taken me 20 years to get him to read something that's not about electricity. He actually said "let's go to Borders" yesterday.
Jessica: Whoa. Telescopes are sort of electric, right? Perhaps that is the connection.
M.Sto: They are mechanical and have to do with outerspace, so that appeals to him. They have GPS stuff on them, and some of them can be hooked up to a computer so you can control it from your laptop, which means he might get his own laptop someday. He was in the chess club in H.S., maybe he'll be a computer/trekkie nerd as a retiree. He was also talking about how you can hook up a camera and take pictures of the galaxies far, far away--
Jessica: He played chess in HS?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
M.Sto: Si, The Grizz was in the Chess Club. You didn't know that? Where do you think he honed his chess skills? He was on the wrestling team too. He got a varsity letter.
Jessica: I knew the wrestling part, but... The Grizz in the Chess Club? This is so going on my website.

After this conversation, I thought about two things:

1.) Why does M.Sto think she's Spanish?

2.) My Dad was in the Chess Club and I didn't know it? Not surprising. The Grizz has never been overly forthcoming with his life details. The only reason that I knew he lettered as a Varsity wrestler was because I came across said letter tucked away in his top drawer. (I was looking for his stash of quarters -- The Grizz hoards away coins in the belief that "one day they'll have to call me to make change!" I think it's his plan to take over the world.) All of the other tidbits that I've learned about his past have come from yearbooks, photo albums and stories from family members. The Grizz and his brothers used to do some crazy junk with bee bee guns, but that's another story told better by my uncles after they have just finished four wheeling.

Why didn't our dad sit C.Sto and I down to tell us his stories? This is the complete opposite of Big Fish. Maybe that's a part of what I appreciate about him. The Grizz doesn't talk too much, but when he does, it's hilarious. He taught me to do a load of cool crap, even to play chess, and the entire time we just sit, play and goof off. Maybe that is a better way to know someone.

Anyway, if my dad does get on the 'Net, does that mean I have to stop writing about him? And, even better, would he post his gems of wisdom for all to read? He has never read anything that I have written in the past... But, the last time he called me, before we hung up, he said; "Call me if you need anymore quotables for your website." I have made him totally famous.

I really do need to figure out a way to record audio of those calls.

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