Daughter, Jessica! 

Now, thanks to my new laptop, I can wakeup to…

Le C.Sto!

Our chats go something like this (official transcript):

Jessica: Good morning C3PSto, human cyborg-sister! I just woke up and I can totally see you. You need to clean your room. Also, sing me a song.
C.Sto: Yeah… listen, how long do we have to chat for? I need to start getting ready for bed at 2PM because I have to go to bed at 9PM and it takes me seven hours to prepare because I’m all important in the real world with my real job and I have to get up really early everyday and do yoga before I go to bed not to mention wash my face and brush my hair for one hour, respectively.
Jessica: …So, are you saying you, like, need to go or something?
C.Sto: Yes. This has been great. Talk to you next week.

I thought I would dislike video chatting, but it kicks ass when used in good measure. (C.Sto says we shouldn’t talk for more than five minutes a week because then it would get old.)

Anyway, my family is now exactly like the Jetsons, with all our video chatting and the fact that our cars can fly.

PS: Check out this one time when C.Sto looked perplexed.

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