Fortunate Daughter 

Escapades are passing faster than I can keep up with them here. For instance, I rocked out with Harry and the Potters and didnít say a word.

So I will say this, now:

Voldemort canít stop the rock!

Itís true. Iíve seen evidence of such a claim.

I was out of town, and now Iím back. Balancing business and the creative as best I can. Actually, Iím doing alright, I believe.

This reminds me that I have always understood what JK Rowling meant when the Sorting Hat told Potter he could have gone Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Yes, I still post by secret RSS sometimes. Try and stop me.

I think Frodo is ignoring my IM.

ďPlease enjoy the music while your party is reached... .Ē Too bad Iíve never even heard of this song. Thatís probably because itís not even good.

Some people tried to blow up my favorite flight plan. Meanwhile, there are still wars. And we are still involved.

I will say that it is nice to be able to go to a big fancy library to listen to Harry Potter punk songs while Harry Potter Year 4 talks about ďthe manĒ and not have to be worried about being blown-up in the process.

Which reminds me, I need to book a flight.

Do you know how easily, how very, very easily, you might have been born on a different continent with a different wind and a different face?

It is tragic how life gets in the way of, well, life.

Or at least the way we pursue it.

Part of me hopes that I will be ďpoorĒ forever. But that might just be the Little Women talking.

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