If You Could See 

When you’re writing something that’s big and epic, there comes a point where you have deep relationships with a lot history. People who have bled for one another, lied for one another, put their name on the line for one another... People who love one another so much that it cannot be written in any one line, or any one million lines, but instead only shown by their sum of their actions in order for anyone to really understand.

When you’re writing something that’s big and epic, just when the days start getting longer for them and they’ve overcome… you have to tear them apart, tear them down.

The great moments are fleeting.

It’s a part of the greater plan…

Some of them are going to die.

Some of them will make it, stronger than before.

And some relationships, they don’t know it yet, but they’ve just outgrown.

No, it will never be the same.

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