Chase Down Nike 

Taking gymnastics rocks so hard that I might puke (seriously).

Tonight they put me on the stunt wires.

This was clearly the most awesome moment of my life. Iím finally starting to get somewhere with the skills Iím learning.

And, I was pulling out the old run-up-the-wall back tuck a la Jackie Chan. (This is easier than a standing tuck. ÖUnless for some reason itís a trick that you donít mesh with.) Trust me when I say that it looked exactly like The Matrix, except there were no leather jumpsuits involved. And I do my own stunts.

Last week, one of the coaches threw a back handspring to demo for his class and my coach shook his head and said, ď72.Ē

As in, ďthat guy is 72 years old.Ē If I had thought about it, I might have guessed 50.

There really is a reason that so many people stick to, nay, swear by, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. If you donít know what Iím talking about, then youíre missing out.

One day soon I am going to be so good at tumbling. I swear it.

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PS: The Shade loves that headband photo. And pink lemonade. (I swearxinfinity!)

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