The Line, The Bar, The World, The Stage 

Sometimes I crumble and fall on my face. In that moment, I metaphorically envision myself doing a handstand until I cannot possibly handstand anymore. Every sinew quivers. One elbow begins to bend, then the other. My lips go thin as I press harder in attempts to summon some last, hidden dregs of strength… But there are none. And then I go down.

That hasn’t happened in awhile.

Last night I watched Henry V. The acting, writing and direction in that film exceeds that of most who are up for accolades at the Academy Awards. If you can tell Shakespeare clearly and with artistry, then you can tell anything that’s worth the telling.

Everyone has an expectation of where they are going, even though they may not get there. For instance, I know that after I post this entry I will go to my kitchen and make lunch. Any number of things may impede that result: A phone call, a fire, a desire to keep working at my desk... . Still, we must always have a concrete expectation of where we are going in order to function in this life. All the more imperative in this life is to know, beyond simply where we are going, exactly to what we aspire. Clarity is a necessity, and clarity it is that shows this rule true for all scenes and life in story and living:

Settling is irresponsible.

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