The Battle of Christmas 

Happy holidays. I hope you put these days to good use by doing nothing and enjoying any time you have to yourself. (For example, you may choose to read my entire site.)

I'm thrilled that Christmas is here and I've already witnessed my first holiday miracle: C.Sto finally got out of bed. She had a horrible cold last week, but now it seems to be passing. This is excellent for me because she can't use the "but I'm sick!" card anymore. Here is a dramatic reenactment of what I had to endure:

Mom Sto: Can someone do the dishes?
C.Sto: Not me, I'm sick!
Mom Sto: Jessica, do the dishes.
Jessica: But--
C.Sto: (aside) Sucker.

Jessica: Can you help me wrap Dad's present?
C.Sto: But I'm siiiiiiiick.
Jessica: You are helping!
C.Sto: Moooom! Jessica's trying to make me do stuff. (coughs dramatically)
Jessica: You are so going down once you get better.

Dearest C.Sto, Now I'm going to pull the "but I did it last time, it's C.Sto's turn!" card for the next week, and you have no cards left to play. Merry Christmas, sucka.

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