Thanks to everyone who came out to the book signing in Virginia this past weekend. (Especially to the families Johns and Parsons, who came out in full force and energy.)

Despite some moments of busy, we were successful in keeping the thing low-key and comfortable. Although, I hope that no one was overwhelmed: Perhaps I should have warned readers that they’d be rushed with a dose of Sto-friends past and present.

A few readers who had already bought the book showed so as to purchase additional books for friends and family who had seen their copy and wanted one of their own.

That, my friend, is the best feedback a writer can ask for.

It was really something to see faces both familiar and new and everyone so excited for me. You must know that I will think of that support on days when I have none and discover the energy to push onward.

So, thanks.

And, more books were sold than I had expected, which rules hard...

Aidmheil! Aidmheil! AID-M-HEIL!

Sing it in your sleep.

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