Harry Potter is Dead 

Goblet of Fire is so mucked up, that I donít even know where to start.

First, I apologize on behalf of the storytelling industry to anyone who has not read the books, for I am afraid you were confused.

I also say an ashamed sorry to those who have read the books; you know what might have been.

Moving on, I could list 100 writing and directorial issues in this film: When did this franchise become a comedy? Why are we spending multiple scenes in the ball and skimming over the setup at the beginning that has to do with the core of the story? What about continuity? Relationships? Focusing on whatís important and building it properly? Pacing? How about craft in screenwriting in general!

What was this film even about?

I tire of writing the same review each year. In the past, I have been rather delicate with Potter. The truth is:

It is the writerís fault. Fuck him.

Followed by the director, but Iím not sure to what degree.

And WB as a whole. (Iím certainly not going to try and sort that mess out.)

Search up The Dead Sto Scrolls for more Potter if you like.

Iím finished with the films.

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