I Don't Love NY 

Greetings from the W in Times Square, NYC. This hotel is very metrosexual.

I respect those who live in NYC and manage to love it more than any other place in the world because I can't cut it here: Too much cement, not enough sky. I don't like city life, and NYC is the citiest city of them all. Luckily it's a short trip. Tomorrow I will be home, safe and able to resume my holiday.

My shoot today went well. I won't speak to what exactly I was doing in order not to ruin the surprise.

Stay tuned and I will post some photos of C.Sto and I from a recent NYC trip. These are way funny and may include at least one member of NKOTB. I know that I keep promising photos. I swear they are coming, and that I'm not a vampire who can't be captured on film, in mirrors or by Buffy.

PS: Can you believe I'm in NYC and haven't seen Conan? True story.

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