“Excellent Initiative!” 

If you are reading this, my writing, then I will give you the same due credit I give every audience member and assume that you have at least a functional reading comprehension, if not one higher than my own.

I have learned that, cliché-ly, this is not true of most people making development and other production decisions in Hollywood. Or, especially, of many managers and agents. Even the literary ones.

Here is my note to them,

I will not suffer fools, fools.

In other intergalactic news, I have my secondary school evaluations here and, look at this, it says I’m in the 99th percentile for reading comprehension. If it could, it would also say that I can throw any object further than you, but they don’t record that on the first page and I lost the second, “special powers” page in a street fight.

I will not list my math scores. I will say, however, that I got rather excited about one term in which there was an "A" listed next to Math only to find that it was C.Sto’s.

Otherwise, you should know that my creative/humanities teachers say this about me: “a joy to have in class,” “contributes often,” “grasps new ideas readily,” “has a swift imagination/good creativity” and “fabulous job.” They also say “enjoy your summer,” “good luck next year” and “limit your talking,” but that’s not nearly as impressive. Oh wait, no, no, that last one is… C.Sto’s. And it’s from Physical Education. (Good one, future President.) Anyway, she had straight As that term, so I suppose I should shut up—

Especially since I now see “does not work to potential” under Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, but who’s counting? Certainly not me.

Hey, it’s not like I’m not trying to head up some… Trigonometry factory.

That’s all I’m saying.

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