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Over the weekend, via the rad link, I started a JSDC communal painting with one stroke. After over a dozen additions from some regulars, here is the masterpiece:

Fish Like Hotdog

Feel free to add a stroke or two and then post the latest URL under the comments so that the next person can grab the updated URL from there and add their own wicked paint wisdoms.

Or, you could do like Stef, and add your own spin to my one sweet stroke. I mean, I donít know what kind of paint genius you are, so I wonít stop you.

I am upgrading the JSDC Internet Villainy Alert to hot pink (Terror already kinda happening, but no one's noticed...) because I received this:

From Digibyte Kid at 11:46 PM
Remember me? No? Well this is the return of Ze DigiByte Kid!

We all know what happened the last time the DBK and Kyle were making threats. Thankfully, I have already thwarted DBK's most recent attempt, e-mail subject, ďCommunal Paint, RUINED!Ē

He is ten.

I also received this from Kyle, the Avenger: "Here is an add on to that painting thing."

He is ten and a half.

I think we can all learn something from these paintings, mostly that even Internet terrorists need love and like to express themselves artistically.

Finally, the Viking King drew himself as Vanilla Ice or something. For context in artistic analysis, I shall preface his artwork with the following dialogue:

One day:
VikingKing: What are you up to this weekend?
Jessica: Writing
Jessica: Gymnastics
Jessica: Your mom.
VikingKing: oh.........thatís cool
VikingKing: Iím gonna play ninja turtles
Jessica: Dude, on old NES?
VikingKing: no just with my friends
Jessica: Do you have sweet costumes?
Jessica: You should be Raphael.
VikingKing: goddamn right
Jessica: He has a bad attitude.
Jessica: And a twin weapon.
VikingKing: fuck that, Iím Leonardo
Jessica: You nerd.
VikingKing: you're a nerd
Jessica: Your momís a nerd.
VikingKing: April
Jessica: Leo is the nerdy one.
VikingKing: Yeah but he has sweet freakiní blades that could chop people into bits if they call him a nerd
Jessica: Raph is better.
Jessica: He has a short fuse.
Jessica: Leo would think about it too much and get de-shelled.
VikingKing: He's not a girl
Jessica: WTF are you talking about?
VikingKing: girls think too much
Jessica: You're the one who wants to be the girly-est, think-nerd turtle.
VikingKing: and he's not a girl so he wouldn't think too much
Jessica: Whatever. He so does.
Jessica: Even Splinter is like, ďStop doing that shit, you think too much, Leo.Ē
Jessica: Then he cries over his latest invention.
VikingKing: You've obviously never seriously played the first Ninja Turtle game for NES
Jessica: uh yeah I have. We have an old NES.
Jessica: Itís the one with the city overworld and then when you go under it's 2D scroll.
VikingKing: well... Leo kicks so much ass
Jessica: Leonardo is like the medium player such as in the case of Mario in Mario 2.
Jessica: In that game princess is the best character. If you choose her you can win in 15 min with those two shortcuts.
VikingKing: yeah cause she can fly
Jessica: Well, yes, but I think it's more something to do with her skirt and not that she can actually fly, fool.
Jessica: WTF is she called ďPeachĒ in Mario Kart?
VikingKing: come on now... Iíve met like 5 princesses in my life and none of them can fly
Jessica: You are the one who said that she could fly.
Jessica: I am related to the queen, so I know about these things: Princesses cannot fly, but they can use their magic hoop skirts for air resistance
Jessica: To float around.
Jessica: And hover.
Jessica: And stuff.
Jessica: Anyway, wtf is Princess called ďPeachĒ in Mario Kart?
VikingKing: Then why does Koopa keep capturing her, why doesn't she just fly away?
Jessica: Because that's her job.
Jessica: But then in Mario 2 she is like,
Jessica: ďfuck this shit!Ē
Jessica: And goes NUTS
Jessica: Throwing turn-ups around
Jessica: And other garden vegetables.
VikingKing: I disagree
VikingKing: Mario said "hey Iím tired of rescuing you, stick up for yourself" and then they broke-up and thatís what happened.
VikingKing: Then, in Mario 3, they got back together and she got captured again.
VikingKing: So Mario had to do the heroic thing and save her again
VikingKing: Like a MAN needs to do cause women are helpless
Jessica: Dude, Mario pissed-off Koopa and she had to pay the price as usual. Something to do with he was supposed to fix Koopís plumbing but never showed.
Jessica: So he had to get her out of it.
Jessica: Itís his own plumber-tastic fault.
Jessica: WTF is she called Peach anyway?!
VikingKing: Maybe she likes peaches
VikingKing: Or she has a lot of peach fuzz on certain areas of her body
VikingKing: I donít know... Iím not a doctor
Jessica: Obviously not.
Jessica: But, if you were,
Jessica: You'd be a...
Jessica: Mario Doctor
Jessica: Zing! Come on, I rule.
Jessica: (That was totally a game right?)
VikingKing: haha yeah
VikingKing: It was a cheap rip-off of Tetris

Another day:
VikingKing: Hey Jessica, Darth Vader called me today and told me that Leonardo is the best ninja turtle ever
Auto response from Jessica: Throw down your weapons! Resistance is futile! You are all prisoners of Cobra Command!

Another day:
From Erich the Viking King at 12:08 AM
Hey Jessica, I just got this in an e-mail from LeonardoÖ Just thought I would share it with youÖ And yes, that is me, not Vanilla Ice.

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