Inbox: The Day of Jessica 

What's a day like in the day of Jessica? Marke Fl.

Dear Marke with an "e" (Are you British?),
This answer depends on where I am, which projects I'm working on and what you mean by "the day of Jessica." Actually, that makes me sound important so I'm going to lay off your grammar. I'll assume you think that I should have a holiday named after myself. With a parade. Where I'm the Queen and people give me stuff.

Since you asked today, you get today's schedule. I must warn you that Virginia is a very exciting place...

Today I: Looked at photos of Orlando Bloom online. Watched Teen Girls Squad over and over and then caught up on a little StrongBadicus. Ate a pack of chocolate-covered gram-cracker cookies that apparently make you feel like you're going to hurl after two. Brought back the word "hurl." Scanned in a load of ridiculous photos that will bring me great amusement once I post them on this site. Rewrote an old movie script of mine called Casablanca (just for kicks). Watched trailers galore. Bought my ROTK movie tickets since I was not in LA for my screening. Made fun of C.Sto to my Mom. Stared at the pieces of our fake Christmas tree, but did not put it together. Read part of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Two Towers and A Practical Handbook for the Actor. Thought about how lucky it would be if I were Conan's sidekick (for him, not me). Wrote this journal entry. Cured chocolate-covered gram-cracker cookie disease. Read the Guildhall website. Again. Obsessed over my busted palm pilot. (I think it was made before I was born.)

All of this occurred because I was supposed to be flying back to LA today for a shoot, which is now pushed until next month. New York might be my next trip if a shoot planned for next Thursday comes through. Fingers are crossed and I am going to do something productive (i.e. Starbucks).

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