I talk about C.Sto a lot.

Like when two people first start dating, you know how they talk about each other constantly...

C.Sto once wrote a speech about how men are biologically expendable.

My sister C.Sto and I love Harry Potter!

C.Sto always says that I talk so much that no one else has a chance to say anything.

Did you know that C.Sto beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out in one try?

"C.Sto, C.Sto, C.Sto!"

"C.Sto officially has a new boyfriend."

Last time she had a boyfriend, I was not happy. He stole her away and was weird about everything. He didnt like to come around Stover Mancha, either. But this new boyfriend? He has promised to play laser tag with me over Thanksgiving.

He is also a Viking.

And reads my website.

And is easily conquered in Egyptian Rat Screw.


Ill allow it.

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