Front Porch 


Sometimes I like to listen to you talk,

As we rock back and forth on the swing...

A handful of my contacts read my screenplay this week. The feedback has been so good that I am trying to let myself enjoy the moments and not be too modest over it all. Sometimes I get excited talking over the story and forget that it is I who am the creator.

I am finishing slight revisions. Most of the notes have been only a few line edits. C.Sto caught a continuity glitch in the first act resulting from something that I had cut. No one else caught this, even the experienced readers. I think there is something we can all learn from that.

So Iím waiting to get feedback from one more person before sending the story out and pounding on doors and asking people who like the work to help me and pass it along so that I can find the people to get the whole thing told in a way that will mean something.

I have a tan.

Iím tired. Iím rehearsing and I think I need reading glasses. C.Sto got them last year, so I may be due. I didnít get enough sleep last night.

Sweet ice tea...

Summer breeze...

I look forward to a day when you have seen the story and come here to talk about it with me.

May it come soon.

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