And... Action! 

As usual, everything I write is highly important because it has to do with me so don't even try to skim this entry. To keep you interested I will include phrases such as "Ninjas took over Dairy Queen!" This type of literary ACTION is equivalent to MTV-style cutting, which big people say our generation cannot live without. It will definitely keep you interested. The month of December is on fire! See? Told you.

Starting today I am officially on vacation. If you want to trade correspondence with me then now is a very good time to do so. Gnomes stole my Nikes! You can ask me anything. I will be updating the FAQs and my response to you could even be published on this very site, thus making you totally famous. (But not as famous as me.)

C.Sto is suing Michael Jackson!

Stay tuned because I will also be adding photos and updating the site as much as possible. In conclusion: Conan O'Brien just made me his sidekick!

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