3 Lines of Awesome 

It is Haiku time.

As I am in control of the international, intergalactic calendar, this is not up for debate but is instead a fact.

Do it!
Write me something now.
Make it good and get respect.
Otherwise, get shame.

Subjects: MTV, Harry Potter, Worf and Online Friends

TRL comes on…
Five Hosts and no videos?
WTF, you fools!

Readers e-mail me.
I read it and write back sometimes,
We are friends for life.

You Know I’m Right
Harry’s parents die—
Voldemort splits soul again,
That scar's a Horcrux.

La Familia de Negra
R.A.B., you scamp,
We all thought that you ate death!
Way to turn on Volde.

Robin Worf
Coworkers in tights.
Q has sent us back in time.
Not a merry man.

New Worf Yankees
Crew is playing game.
Death to the opposition!
Stupid spin-off show.

Stuck in 10 forward.
Congratulations, Keiko:
Now you may give birth.

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