Oh, Exploding Snap! 

Jessica: I want Harry and the Potters to come play Stover Mancha for my birthday. Preferably in the basement. Or maybe the garage. I think that would be the right atmosphere.
Jessica: I bet they only charge like 10 dollars because they are just awesome like that.
C3PSto: Yeah right. That won’t even cover the gas for them to get here.
Jessica: Well I will also throw in the chance for them to know me.
C3PSto: Oh geez
Jessica: That is priceless.
Jessica: And they can all stay in one guestroom.
Jessica: FOR FREE.
C3PSto: all of them will stay in one guestroom huh?
Jessica: There are only two Harry and the Potters, fool.
Jessica: So, yes.
C3PSto: and btw, they are not staying in our house
Jessica: Well maybe one can sleep on a couch downstairs.
C3PSto: no way
C3PSto: I don't like having guests
Jessica: My new friends can stay at our house.
C3PSto: unless they are my guests
Jessica: Oh whatever, you are like an old, crotchety woman.
C3PSto: no I'm not, I just don't like having to change my routine
C3PSto: or having someone wake me up every night when she takes a shower at 2 am
Jessica: old and crotchety
Jessica: I'm going to call you OC C.Sto.
C3PSto: what?
C3PSto: that doesn't even make any sense you nerd
C3PSto: alright, I'm going to get some ice cream and lay down and watch a movie
Jessica: Old Crotchety C.Sto
C3PSto: I think I will watch The Mummy
Jessica: OC C.Sto
C3PSto: you're lame
C3PSto: kbye
Jessica: you're crotchety
Jessica: kbye

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