Jessica: Um, yeah, so my brakes were down to 5%. You’d think I’d notice a thing like that.
M.Sto: You’d think.
Jessica: Maybe I like the more challenging driving. You know, will I or won’t I? Stop, that is.
Jessica: Anyway, they had to replace that and the front engine mount thingie and they fixed the AC and probably something else, too.
M.Sto: The Grizz says to remember to write that in your maintenance log.
Jessica: k.
M.Sto: Gatta go. New season of Star Gate is on tonight.
M.Sto: po
Jessica: po
“M.Sto” signed off at 5:14:16 PM.

Do you think I should tell The Grizz that I have not been keeping up with my car maintenance log?

He might go all Picard on me like I’m Wesley Crusher stepping on the bridge of the Enterprise for the first time and I just sat in his sweet captain’s chair and started pushing buttons during a sudden mini-crisis.

Anyway, M.Sto fancies that MacGyver guy who is on *Stargate. I have never seen the show MacGyver, but one time when it was hot I propped the door open at my dance studio using only my wits and a penny.

*Note: The Stovers probably like any show or film that has the word “Star“ in the title.

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