Space Museum, David & Random Pix 

Today I went to the new National Air and Space Museum in Dulles, Virginia for "Appreciation Day."

You've met my friend Heather from the camping epic. Oh wait, no you haven't because I'm still working on those entries. Anyway, her boyfriend, David, got us these highly sought after tickets because his nifty parents donated money to the museum. (So many space nerds are jealous of me right now.)

I would tell you about our visit, but it was stupid. I think the whole museum is not open yet. Plus, I realized that I don't like looking at planes. (The only time I went to the D.C. Air and Space Museum was when they had the SW exhibit.) We considered seeing an IMAX movie but then David realized that it cost money so that was a no go. All I have to remind me of this 45 minute trip is this contortionist picture of David, this picture of me giving a speech about astronauts, and the good times that we shared while making fun of what people were wearing. (Notice the crazy lady in the background of David's photo. M.Sto says they don't make three-dollar disposable cameras like they used to.)

Later I went with Heather and David back to David's house to visit with his parents and watch a video of him in a bodybuilding contest. I will try to secure a photo of Body Builder David so that you may compare with Space Museum David. (You know you want to see David in a Speedo.) Perhaps I will be able to find a photo of Ballerina David as well.

Before I go any further it is important to note that David and I grew up on the same street and he totally sucks at flashlight tag.

Here is photo of Holly licking my Narnia lamppost, just as the snow began to fall. E-mail me if you would like Holly's phone number.

Here is a photo of what it would look like if you were sitting next to me while we commandeered Mom Sto's car for a VIP trip to Starbucks. (I couldn't pirate the Toyota all by me onesies, savvy?) We would, undoubtedly, listen to Britney Spears.

PS: C.Sto, I was totally wearing your shoes in that photo at the museum. (That makes you a sucka fo' life.)

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