Old Dominion 

On Saturday we threw a party for C.Sto. It was mostly a family party and mostly the Stover side. The Grizz has six brothers and sisters in his family and they all grew up together in West Virginia/Rural Virginia. They've always been a rowdy bunch, which may or may not have contributed to my awesomeness in ten different ways. Anyway, I was coming into the kitchen to bin a bit of trash and suddenly felt like the retarded quarterback:

Uncle Jake: HollyWOOD!
Jessica: Uh, yeah?
Uncle Jake: You get that movie made yet, girl?!
Jessica: Im doing final writing revisions now and then I have to deal with a lot of stuff. It's actually really, really difficult and complicated. But, hopefully...
Uncle Jake: Dang girl, youre going to get famous so soon and then I spect well never hear from you again.
Jessica: Or, you could all come to the premiere.
Uncle Jake: Well yeah, wed like at. Atd be real good.
Jessica: If not, Ill just mail you a beer or something.
Uncle Jake: Oh yeah! 'Atd be real good, too!

How weird for him to think that Id stop talking to my family at any point due to any level of success.

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