Case Study 

Based on a true story...


Alternating shots as Person One and Two converse on the phone.

Person One: …It was retarded but a lot of fun. Well hey, I just got to Donna’s so I have to go, but give me a call tomorrow and tell me about your night.
Person Two: What? Well, I didn't get to tell you what I wanted to tell you.
Person One: Oh, what did you want to tell me?
Person Two: Never mind. I'll tell you tomorrow.
Person One: No just tell me. I'll wait in the car for a minute--
Person Two: No it's fine I'll tell you tomorrow.
Person One: Are you mad at me?
Person Two: No.
Person One: You promise?
Person Two: Uh... No.
Person One: Why are you mad at me? I said I would wait so you could tell me what you wanted to say.
Person Two: Never mind I'll just talk to you tomorrow--

CLICK. Person Two hangs up.

Guess the genders of One and Two.

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