Iím at a Place Called Vertigo 

"Donde esta?"


So far VA is the same as always:

1.) Iím just as awesome as I always was.

2.) C.Sto is just as anal as I remember:
C.Sto: Get off my bed!
Jessica: Why?
C.Sto: You are contaminating it.
Jessica: No Iím not.
C.Sto: Yeah huh last time you laid on it I got sick! Iím changing my pillowcases.
Jessica: Iím not even leaning on your pillowcases.
C.Sto: So what. Get off my bed! Get your feet of my bed!
Jessica: I donít have shoes on.
C.Sto: So? Youíre messing it up! You always mess all my stuff up,
Jessica: By sitting on it?
C.Sto: YES!

3.) The Grizz is still good at chess and interested in telescopes. He beat me at chess earlier, although I donít think I played too badly. (And he may have been inventing rules. I had never heard of ďCastel-ing.Ē) Next he and I looked at his telescope magazines while I tried to recall which galaxies we studied in 9th grade Earth Science: (The Magellic Clouds! I rule.)

4.) There is still no ocean here. (Dammit.)

5.) M.Sto still makes a rad black-forest cake.

The only three things that are different are:
1.) Peanut Stover has lost a few lbs.

2.) M.Sto put the wrong candle in my guest room and I had to switch all the candles in the house around so that they are in the correct rooms and formations.

3.) SNL is better when in VA. Did you see that last U2 performance? I finally saw it and WOW. I mean, dude, it was pisser.

And to my dear friend, Prof. Clinto Bean, who does not like U2 so much and will object to the punctuation in this sentence, I have to tell you openly, in front of all the galaxies in the universe, including the Magellic Clouds, that if Bono says it goes ďUnos, Dos, Tres, Catorce!Ē that you will not question him, but instead adopt this new form of Spanish counting because it is obviously right and good.

PS: I checked and there are no 3D shades in the entire state of VA. (Thwarted.)

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