People here will tell you things:

ďYou have to pay your dues.Ē

ďItís all about who you know.Ē

ďItís seniority so you have to wait, but then when youíre on top, itís worth it.Ē

Iíve paid dues. Iíve known people. Iíve been at the top and bottom of seniority systems.

ďSometimes you have to do things you donít like in order to do what you want.Ē


Iím saying, why would you do anything but what you actually want to do?

Why is that a rule?

That seems stupid to me and is hereby undone.
There is nothing under the sun that cannot be done today.
Yes, it is hereby undone, I say!
Because you can do what you do today.

There is no great(er) prize waiting after the next sunset. The reward is the day: Not what comes after it.

I truly should stop listening to other people
And listen to myself.

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