C.Sto and I have been rewriting the English language since three past lives ago. Now, for the first time ever, you too can speak with our wicked improved English by using these hella cool slang words:

Popingay: A vain, talkative person.
Example: You shut your mouth, popingay!

Bumptious: An attractive person.
Example: That guy is bumptious. I be wantin’ to get me a piece of that. Maybe two.

Sycophant: A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.
Example: P.Diddy is so totally a sycophant that it’s, like, not even funny.

Jacqueminot: So extremely weird that it's rare.
Example: You stepped on my foot, you jacqueminot foolio!

Popsicle Gangstah: A gay male who is also a gangstah.
Example: Dude, check out those Popsicle Gangstahs by the bar.

Alcochocolate: A hot beverage consisting of chocolate, milk and a shot of Bailey’s alcoholic Irish Crème.
Example: Oh man, I am SO wasted off this Alcochocolate.

Lenten: Of, related or suitable to be given up for Lent.
Example: This Alcochocolate is hella Lenten.

Dag yo, that list is definitely too legit.

Cross-reference: www.dictionary.com


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