Prelude / More Soon 
November 19, 2015

There is a scifi book coming out and I will have the details very soon. I know some of you have been curious and perhaps don't read Twitter. I consider that to be one of your best qualities. Maybe you can teach me?

To summarize briefly: I'm in ebook production now. There's a cycle of steps you go through after delivering all the book's assets to the producer and I am in that cycle. You go round and round until there is nothing else to be fixed and the book is locked. (Post-production is always that way: film, book or song.) Once that's done, I'll announce the schedule and things will happen quickly. That step could be eight days from now. It could be fifteen. I'd be surprised if it were over twenty. If you're on Twitter, there will be repeated announcements and reveals, so don't worry about missing the details.

You should probably do some pushups to get pumped, and practice your moonwalk so that you may express the appropriate amount of joy+smooth style when I first post the cover. Greg designed the cover, by the way. You love that. I love that. We've had it done forever. We had it done while the book was still in dev edit! (That is very early.)

SOON. <-- really!

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